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Enhanced envelope manufacturing software

OnePoint Office benefitsEnhanced envelope manufacturing software.

Envelope Manufacturing Software proven in the US and Europe

Envelope Manufacturing Software proven in the US and Europe

Ultimately OnePoint Office has been created to achieve less waste, greater efficiency and increased profits. These are the headline benefits of the management information system, but as you’d expect there’s much more to it than that.

A few of the benefits you can expect from OnePoint Office are:

  • Software created by people with first hand working knowledge of the envelope manufacturing business

  • Tried and tested by major envelope manufacturers in the US and Europe

  • Turn key installation with all envelope manufacturing processes and values preset

  • US and European envelope manufacturing variables

  • Totally integrated operating system from initial estimate through to final invoice and analysis

  • Makes multiple data entry redundant, initial data carried through and updated from department to department

  • Automatically updates and prompts departments to take action on changes to job specifications

  • Allows management to track and analyse live jobs at every stage of the process

  • Creates a ‘whole company’ discipline and demands set criteria from departments as jobs progress
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